Friday, May 28, 2010

Art Prize 2009

Title: Urbanity
Art form: 2-D
Medium: Multi-Media
Year created: 2009
Description of work: Acrylic on canvas, wool, decorative paper.

The figure in the piece represents urban youth in the Grand Rapids area today. On the ribbons of paper surrounding and wrapping the figure you will see statements written by Grand Rapids teens. The teens were chosen randomly with no particular order, except that they all attend school together. Each piece of paper states something that either has happened to them, they have seen done, or feel is a barrier to their success. These statements are open and candid straight from them. They were told that they could write whatever they felt they should and this is what they wrote.
Work statement: Think back to when you were a child, is the world the same today?
Now think if you grew up in the city where there was violence, drugs, and poverty all around you, would you be where you are today? What if your parents died at a young age? What if your best friend died in a drive by? What if you held the gun? What if you had to sell drugs to feed your younger brothers and sisters? What if you became a parent at the age of 14 and again at 16? Would you be the same?

The piece Urbanity is a reflection on what urban teens face every day, the pressures that are around them, and what they see happen on a daily basis.

If they are not able to break down the barriers what will their future look like? Will they have one? Will they survive?

What part of the barrier are you? Are you the solution or part of the problem?
What are WE going to DO? How are YOU going to HELP?
Technical details:
Work width: 72 inches
Work height: 48 inches
Work depth: 5 inches

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